Release 2.41

[NEW] Tasks in Multiple Lists [ClickApp]

Find yourself duplicating the same task or constantly moving it between Lists? Wish there was a way to keep them all in sync? No need to wish any longer...

One of our biggest requested features ever is here: add the same task to more than one List!

Previously, tasks could belong to only one List. Now, tasks live in a home List, but you're able to create instances of the same task across different locations. This allows you to create organized Lists for yourself without affecting the Folder or List structure for other teammates!

For example, create a blank List and fill it with sprint tasks while still leaving the same task in an individual's List! Because it's the same task, any edits made or comments left will be displayed no matter which List you're viewing from.

If you don't want to have tasks in multiple Lists, simply turn off the ClickApp!


Time Tracking 3.0

We've built an entirely revolutionized time tracker with notes, billable time, timesheets and full support in both desktop and web app! (Mobile support is on the way)

Previously, you needed the Chrome Extension to track time in ClickUp - not anymore! This fully-functional global timer allows you to start the timer from the web app and stop it on the desktop app. Business teams get added support for adding notes and labels on each time entry.

Need to get an overview of your team's tracked time? Our new reporting widgets help you group and filter to show just what you need - like how much time each member tracked against their available work hours!

Note: Our Chrome Extension will soon be updated for this new version of Time Tracking.


[NEW] Timeline View (beta)

Plan your work overtime with the all-new Timeline view! Timeline is a linear way to visualize your schedule with flexible organization - perfect for things like roadmaps, planning, and resource management.

Easily group by assignee to see tasks per person and show how booked a person is each day. Group by priority to see tasks overlapping and quickly slide things around. You can even group tasks by tags, custom fields, and more!

Business+ Workspaces have full access to Timeline view.


[NEW] Workload View [ClickApp]

As if Timeline view couldn't get any better, turn on the Resource Management ClickApp to pair it with Workload view!

Simply toggle on this ClickApp for your entire Workspace to visualize team capacity and manage resources on any Workload view. Set capacity for each person for the perfect planning process so everyone knows exactly what they're working on.

Capacity can be set based on a number of tasks, time, or points like in Scrum methodologies. Quickly see overburdened staff and re-allocate to those showing unused capacity. Soon you'll even be able to split a tasks workload between multiple people!

Business Workspaces have the option to use the Workload views to see people's capacity and workload. Enterprise Workspaces can further customize capacity by day and see effort totals for other group types (status, tag, etc.)


[NEW] Bugsnag Automations

We're expanding ClickUp's native Automations! For the first time ever, ClickUp Automations now support workflows with external applications. With the all-new Bugsnag Automation integration, you can keep everything inside ClickUp for seamless bug management!

Easily monitor bugs and take action inside ClickUp by automating your workflow with triggers and actions. For example, if a project has a spike in errors (trigger), create a high priority task in ClickUp (action).

Customize where and how the information appears in ClickUp by mapping your data from a Bugsnag trigger and relating it to a field in ClickUp.


GitHub Automations

Calling all developers... 📣 We're back with another MAJOR GitHub improvement! 🎉 Now you can automate your GitHub workflow within ClickUp!

Unlock unparalleled development power with tons of GitHub automations to change the way you code alongside ClickUp. Select from numerous GitHub triggers and actions, and map data for an extended workflow.

This is helpful in managing code review and workflows within GitHub. For example, previously you had to include the status name in your commit message. Now, when a pull request is open in GitHub, you can automatically change the status in ClickUp to 'Review Requested'.


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