Release 2.35

[NEW] Home

Get a panoramic view of your most important action items with our brand new, entirely customizable Home! 

  • See your Agenda for the day, which shows all tasks & reminders that are scheduled, so you know exactly what to focus on.

  • Quickly access your Favorite and most frequently viewed Lists, Dashboards, and Docs.

  • Trending tasks will appear for what you've been working on most in the last 24 hours.

  • Overdue tasks will also appear as a banner at the top for quick Inbox access.

  • Assigned comments and mentions are displayed in one area so action items don't get lost in your notifications!

  • Soon, you'll even be able to see Google Calendar events!

With everything you're able to do in Home, we made it easy to reorder items so you only see what's most important to you.


Currently available for everyone in your Workspace, except guests. We'll be adding a Guest version of Home soon!


[NEW] Activity View

Wonder what's happening in a List, Folder, or Space? Add an Activity view anywhere and see an aggregated view of all activity in that location. Filter for people and type of activity to get granular with what you see.

You can even click into individual profiles to view what activity they've been up to!


Users on Free Forever Workspaces can view 24 hours of activity, Unlimited Plan Workspaces get 7 days of activity, and Business+ Workspaces have access to unlimited activity history.


[NEW] Create Doc Templates

Built a wiki you love? Do your Docs contain content to use again and again? Now, you're able to save Docs as templates! Load project outlines, meeting notes, syllabi, and more to start drafting right away. For each template you create, you'll be able to share it with:

  1. Only me

  2. All members of my Workspace

  3. Admins of my Workspace only

  4. Just certain people I share the link with

  5. Publicly through a URL


[NEW] Share Templates with Anyone

Share task, List, and Folder templates with people outside your Workspace and get granular with who can use them. For each template you create, now you can choose from the following options:

  1. Share with me only

  2. Share with members

  3. Admins only

  4. Share with anyone outside your Workspace... Literally!


Automations: Add webhooks as an Action

Set up Automations with webhook actions! This lets you connect ClickUp with literally any application. Simply paste the URL you want called. When a task triggers an automation, we will send task details in the webhook payload. This will let you easily access data from ClickUp Automations in your own application!


Other Improvements

  • Import Creation Dates on CSV: Bring in the date a task was created when importing from a CSV file.

  • Required Checkbox for Forms: There's now an option to make checkboxes required in your Forms! This means a user must check the box in order for the Form to be submitted - great for agreeing to terms of service details!

  • 'Can comment' permissions for checklists: Being granted 'Can comment’ permissions will now allow you to complete checklist items assigned to you.

  • Reorder tasks when sorted by due date: Reorder tasks with drag-and-drop when they are grouped by anything, not just status!


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