Release 2.33

[NEW] Zoom Integration

Note: This is a ClickApp, so admins can enable/disable this integration

Take your remote workflow to the next level by starting a meeting from a task using the Zoom meeting button or the /zoom  slash command. 

When using Zoom in ClickUp, you can:

  1. Launch meetings

  2. Invite people to join within ClickUp (all watchers of the task will receive an invite) 

  3. When done, we'll automatically update the Zoom activity on the task to show who attended the meeting as well as a link to the recording (if you chose to record it). 

Zoom on!


Custom Permissions [Enterprise]

We've added tons of flexibility when it comes to setting permissions in ClickUp. 

Now you can change permissions and security settings for guests, members, and admins. Get granular control in choosing what people can do in your Workspace!


Add Dependencies when Creating Tasks

Add dependencies to tasks while you're creating them! Now you can quickly add other tasks that are linked to, waiting on, or blocking the new task you're creating. Simply look for the Dependencies button here: 


Reorder Sorting Order 

Easily reorder your sorting order with drag-and-drop! Now, when there are a few different columns sorted on a List, easily see all the sort values and quickly reorder them to modify how your tasks are sorted.


Docs: Avatars & Emojis

Give your Doc pages visual identifiers by selecting avatars and/or emojis for each one! Simply click the page icon from your Doc sidebar or within the page itself and toggle between emojis and avatars to find the perfect page identifier.


Streamlined Converting Reminders into Tasks

Now when you're converting a reminder into a task, you have the option to remove the date! Previously, turning a reminder into a task was a tedious process to get out of your inbox - now it takes just one step. 


Other Improvements

  • Copy Dashboards: Quickly copy any Dashboard to create new ones without having to manually re-create every widget. 

  • Date formats for public links: If you make a view public, your date preferences are now automatically applied to dates in that public view. 

  • Public link restrictions [Enterprise]: For Enterprise clients, now you can disable "Never expire" links so all public links are forced to be temporary. You can also set the expiration limit to a maximum of one year. 

  • Click notification breadcrumbs: Click straight into the Space, Folder, or List your notification is related to right from your breadcrumbs!

  • /Slash command for Google items: We've added four new /slash commands to instantly embed your Google items into a task or Doc. Type /google  to easily bring in your Google Drive file, Google Slides, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. 

  • Column dropdown search: Now you can easily search the column dropdown options to find the one you're looking for!


Mobile Improvements 

  • Docs Home: Have a centralized place for all your Docs on your phone too! Locate all your Docs in the sidebar above your Goals.


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