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[NEW] Pulse: Live Overview (ClickApp)

Pulse is just the beginning of a fundamentally new way to work remotely

Pulse uses machine learning to know what you're most focused on right now. Using the tasks you're working on most, Pulse creates automatic activity reports to easily see where time is being spent.

Ever get through a busy day and wonder what you worked on? Or maybe working remotely has everyone disconnected, and you want to ensure that urgent task you had is being worked on? Now you can know it all with Pulse


Here's some cool ideas for using Pulse: 

  • Automate your scrum meetings! 

  • Know what you worked on for the day to stay laser focused

  • See who's online right now

  • Ensure everyone is aligned on priorities 

  • See busy times during your team's day

This unique and proprietary feature is the first of its kind - to help it improve send us your ideas and suggestions here.

Note: If you don't want to use Pulse, you can turn it off! Pulse is a ClickApp and you can even adjust permissions settings to show Pulse for:

  • Everyone (excluding guests)

  • Admins only

  • No one (turn if off) 

Free Forever plans have 100 uses, Unlimited Plans can view activity from today, and Business Plan members have the ability to view all historical data. To learn about our different plans, click here


Ability to Hide Spaces

We heard you - some Spaces you just don't use. Now you can easily hide Spaces from your view and keep your Workspace clutter-free!

When you hide a Space, it will live in a Hidden Spaces section at the bottom of your sidebar for easy access, and you'll be able to make it visible again when desired. 


/Slash Command for Banners

Make important items stand out in tasks and Docs with banners! Use the /slash command /banner  to access four different banner types for any need:

  • Success (green) 

  • Danger (red)

  • Info (blue)

  • Warning (yellow)


Other Improvements

  • Retiring Original layout: We're retiring our Original layout! Based on data, this Workspace layout is less productive and more difficult to use than the newer versions. Also, less than 0.5% of users are now working in the Original layout. 

  • Filter due dates for "Later than Today": Now you can filter your tasks generically by any due dates that fall after today! 

  • Dependency links in API: Dependencies can now be set or removed via the API.

  • Filter by custom fields in "Get Tasks" API call: Find all your tasks matching a specific custom field value through the API.


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