Release 2.39

[NEW] Bitbucket V2

Full Bitbucket support is here! Previously, the Bitbucket integration was somewhat limited, and you could only associate commits to tasks. Now, we've completely revamped the integration with tons more features:

  • Link pull requests both ways

  • Create pull requests in ClickUp

  • See the status of pull requests in ClickUp

  • Create branches in ClickUp

  • Access tons of quick actions

  • and so much more!


Other improvements include the ability to see the status of a pull request, so an engineer can tell if it needs to be reviewed from within ClickUp!

Stay tuned for GitLab next! 


Other Improvements

  • See Gantt in hours: Now you can view your Gantt chart on an hourly timeline rather than just weeks or months.

  • Add guests to Teams: Now you can add guests to your Teams for increased user group capabilities.


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