Release 2.48

[NEW] Table View

Spreadsheet lover? We've created the perfect companion: Table view.


This revolutionary new view is lightning fast, visually simple, and makes it incredibly easy to navigate between fields, edit in bulk, and export data.


In Table view, every row is the same height, every field is a column, and by default, there will be no separation by List or status.


Soon, we'll be adding advanced features like LookUp and RollUp to create relationships between tasks.



Templates: Remap Dates from End Date

Before, you were limited to remapping tasks in templates forward, based on the start date of the project.


Now, we've added the (much requested) ability to remap to the end date of your project.


When choosing to remap by the end date, we'll automatically work backward from the task with the latest date and generate due dates accordingly.



Templates: Skip Weekends when Remapping

Previously, when remapping template dates, tasks could end up on a weekend when nobody was working.


This led to a ton of manual work... But not anymore! You're now able to skip weekends when remapping to avoid tasks from landing on a day nobody is working!



Timeline: Everything View

The time has come... to create Timelines on the Everything view!


Everything view allows you to show tasks across multiple Spaces, giving you or your team a company-wide view! When you build a Timeline in Everything view, you have the whole picture in mind to share with clients or executives.



Public Sharing: Mind Maps

Make your brain dumps or carefully curated Mind Maps available to people outside of your Workspace! Now, you can share Mind Maps publicly with anyone through a secret URL.


Use ClickUp to brainstorm your projects or organize ideas, then share them via a link or embed them directly to your site using our embed feature.



ClickUp Compliance with New GDPR Ruling

As you know, data rights and privacy are paramount in importance at ClickUp. We've always had industry-leading data protection and today we're improving that even further.


For users who manage personal data from EU or Brazilian data subjects, we want to make sure that you remain compliant with your legal obligations given recent changes by EU courts.


For this reason, we've updated our Data Protection Addendum (DPA) to close any gaps created by the recent EU court ruling (Schrems II) and the upcoming Brazilian Data Privacy Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados, or LGPD), which is expected to go into effect on August 16. These changes ensure that we remain fully compliant as an international processor on behalf of our customers.


You can find a copy of our new DPA (including a link to an executable version) on our website at


Other Improvements

  • Time Picker Increments: We've increased our time picker to include 15-minute increments when adding time to a task.

  • Doc Viewers: While you could see who else was working in a Doc, now you can see who else is viewing a Doc with their profile picture displayed in the bottom left!

  • Unlink URLs in Docs: Previously, hyperlinks would automatically be added to text in a Doc if written with a URL structure. Now, unlink any hyperlinks to just display the text.

  • Display Full Text of Tasks in Docs: When you convert text into a task, it will now keep the full text as the task title instead of truncating it.

  • Archived Tasks Show in Goals: Goals now show tasks you've archived so you can keep your Lists clean.

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