Release 2.43

[NEW] Granular Time Estimates [ClickApp]

It's know how much time is estimated for assignees on a task! Enable Granular Time Estimates on the Time Estimates ClickApp to enter time estimates per person.

Previously, Time Estimates were applied to the whole task - making it difficult to know how much time it would take each individual assignee. Now, effort on a task is individual to each user for more accurate estimation and better tracking for each person.

This Business+ feature is the perfect companion for our new Workload view and Time Reporting widget! Further support for Calculation and Custom widgets is coming very soon to take into account the individual while reporting.


Public Sharing: Timeline View

Public sharing keeps growing! Now you can publicly share Timeline views with anyone through a secret URL!

Use ClickUp for your public roadmap, keep clients up-to-date, or share Timeline views with people outisde your Workspace.

Your Timeline will be shared as view-only.


Task View: Custom Field Improvements

Now it's easier than ever to see and update Custom Fields in task view! This simple new design collapses any unused Custom Fields to bring attention to what's important.

Find the field you're looking for (in alphabetical order) and save even more time with one-click editing! 🙌


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