Release 2.44

Notifications V2: Filters & Grouping

Quickly catch up on your notifications with new notification filters! Sift through updates easily by filtering for tasks that are assigned to you or comments where you're specifically mentioned.

In addition to filtering, notifications are grouped into batches for one-click-clearing!

Individual task notifications are now grouped together by:

  • Likes

  • New tasks created

  • Tasks assigned to me

  • Status changes

  • Custom field changes


Pin Custom Fields

Our fresh new design for Custom Fields in task view now includes the power to add visibility to Custom Fields that matter most with our new pinning feature.

Have a field you want displayed regardless of whether or not it's filled in? Now you can pin it so it's always visible at the top of the Custom Field section in your task view!


Custom Fields Ordering

We recently updated Custom Fields to be displayed in alphabetical order. Based on your feedback, we've added the option to switch back to manual ordering on custom fields!

Simply go to the Custom Fields ClickApp and check the manual ordering box to organize your fields however you choose. 😄


Timeline & Workload Improvements

Our recently released Timeline and Workload views just got a load of improvements:

  • Toggle off Notifications: Reduce notifications while you're planning out your projects in both Timeline and Workload view by toggling off the notifications. With this off, people won't be notified of your date changes, so you can plan with peace of mind that you're not interrupting others' workflows.
  • Group by List: Group tasks by Lists in Folder, Space, and Everything level Workload views.
  • Expand Task Names: Are you frustrated by not being able to see the full name of your tasks in Timeline view? Toggle on Expand task names! Tasks with longer names will display the full name outside of the task block, so you can see everything at a glance.
  • Extra Interactivity (and right-click menus): We've added extra useful tooltips, the ability to right-click anywhere on tasks to access the task menu, and best of all, now you can click to create new tasks!
  • Month View (and zooming): Timeline view now sports some nifty view levels - allowing you to zoom in to increase day size, or zoom out to the new months view!
  • Edit Estimates & Points in Workload View: Need to quickly adjust time estimates and points on tasks as you're planning? Now, you can edit estimates and points on tasks directly from the Workload view!


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