Release 2.49

[NEW] Custom Roles [Enterprise]

In larger companies, strict permissions can actually inhibit productivity. For this reason, we're releasing complete permission control through Custom Roles. Create new roles (other than guest, member admin) like: super admin, editor, limited member, or any role that suits your needs!


We've also added a new permission for custom role creation - allowing the Workspace owner to designate who can create and edit custom roles.



Mind Maps: Arrange Your Way

Mind Maps just got a major upgrade! Previously, moving any node in blank mode would automatically arrange a branch, which sometimes lead to unwanted changes.


Now, you can position nodes however you like, and their location will be preserved. Want to organize all nodes? We've added a button to arrange them all automatically!



Preserve Automations: Duplicate & Template

Preserve your List Automations when duplicating or using a template in your Workspace! Previously, when you copied a List or created a List from a template, you had to start with a blank slate of Automations. This was time-consuming when you wanted to reuse the same Automations.


Now, you have the option to copy Automations when duplicating a List or add them as part of your List template. Another time save for the win. 🙌



Public Sharing: Table View

If you love the new Table view as much as we do, you'll be thrilled to know you're now able to publicly share your Tables with anyone via a secret URL! Your Table views will be shared as view-only.


Update clients instantly or share Table views with people that are too stubborn to join your Workspace. 😉



Other Improvements

  • Attach SharePoint Files: While you've always been able to load in SharePoint files using the OneDrive picker, we updated the app to display a SharePoint option.

  • Date Done Filter: See the date a task has gone into a done state with this new filter option!

  • Filter by Location in List View: Use the location filter in a List view when you have Tasks in Multiple Lists to know which tasks belong to a particular List.

  • See File Size without Downloading: Know exactly how big a file is from within a task by hovering over it to display the file size.

  • Expiring Signed Attachment URLs [Enterprise]: Enable expiring attachment URLs so that publicly shared links automatically expire after 1 hour - ensuring information is only accessible for the time it's needed. This is particularly useful for HIPAA regulated entities who are concerned about limiting access to shared files.

  • Teams in People Sidebar for Workload: Filter for everyone on a Team from the People Sidebar in your Timeline or Workload views to know each Team's current capacity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various Table view issues with auto-sizing columns, decimals for currencies, status changing problems and more

  • Fixed: Gitlab issues when trying to merge or create a branch

  • Fixed: Date fields in Automations showed times in milliseconds

  • Fixed: Multiple automation bugs regarding editing the custom field triggers and actions

  • Fixed: Task dependency lines on Gantt View disappeared while scrolling

  • Fixed: Issue with embedding Zoho Analytics iframes

  • Fixed: Unable to preview .jpg files on tasks

  • Fixed: Failure to export certain lists that caused infinite loads

  • ...and many more! 🐛

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