Release 2.50

Custom Task IDs [ClickApp]

ClickUp's task IDs are random and tough to remember. Ever wish you could set your own short and pretty IDs for tasks?


With Custom Task IDs, you're now able to set IDs like Issue-123 or Sales-123 that automatically increment by 1 with every new task you create.


This Custom ID can be used in views, git integrations, and many other places where regular IDs are currently used. Need to start from a specific number? Custom IDs let you set what number to start counting from when setting them up.


Toggle on the ClickApp for any Space to create your own Custom Task IDs!


Business+ Workspaces have full access to Custom Task IDs.



Drag & Drop Blocks in Docs

Arrange your Docs your way! Easily adjust and reorder the block elements in your Docs to create a perfect layout.


Simply hover over a Block and grab the handle to the left to reposition the element. This feature works with:

  • Banners

  • Checklists

  • Lists

  • Table

  • Code block

  • Quote

  • Embed

  • Headlines

  • Dividers

This is just the beginning of many new Doc improvements focused on ease of use!



Other Improvements

  • Paste Links Over Text: Instantly create hyperlinks by highlighting text and pasting a URL.

  • Task Filter For Timesheet Widget: Filter for exactly what you want to see in your Dashboard when adding a Timesheet widget!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Numbers and bullets were not always showing up in public Docs

  • Fixed: Trying to navigate to the Rewards page occasionally failed

  • Fixed: Remapping templates by end date was remapping to incorrect date

  • Fixed: Exporting to PDF would break tables

  • Fixed: Exporting CSV files weren't including tasks in archived locations

  • Fixed: Automations problem with "IS EQUAL TO" condition

  • Fixed: Inability to set a custom image for the Space avatar

  • and many more... 🐞

Native Mobile (In Development)

We're working hard on our new (and native) mobile applications that are lightning-fast and incredibly easy to use. We'll be posting updates here each week as we go.

  • Finished Notifications screen

  • Finished List view

  • Working on Search

  • Working on Explore Tab

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