Release 2.46

SOC 2 Compliance

Security and privacy are paramount at ClickUp - and today, we're proud to announce that we've achieved one of the top security certifications available: Service Organization Controls Trust Services Principles (commonly known as SOC 2). Our continued SOC 2 certification ensures our organizational and technical controls are routinely independently audited.


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Time Tracking API 2.0

Get more control over your time tracking integration with our new API 2.0. In addition to the improved time tracker, you now have access to multiple new endpoints!


Build robust time tracking tools with the following data:

  • Get time entries within a date range

  • Add & remove tags

  • Get running time entries

  • Start and stop timer


Activity View Design Improvements

Activity view was difficult to skim, so in the interest of making things easy, we improved the Activity view's layout!


The updated design closely mirrors the revamped notification design - giving you clear sections for what activity took place with easy-to-read titles!



Improved @@ Search Component

Ever found yourself using our @@ command to type in a task name and realize you were searching in the wrong Space? Those days are gone!


With our new search component, search from any location without having to select a Space first. Plus, you can still use the previous version by clicking Browse tasks.



Admin Space Management [Enterprise]

Workspace owners on the Enterprise Plan now have the option to allow admins to add/remove people from Spaces. This makes managing Spaces easier than ever, especially for Enterprises with tons of Spaces and hundreds or thousands of people.


Users will still have the option to prevent management of Spaces they currently own if they choose, to ensure privacy and security is still preserved when needed.



Other Improvements

  • View Subtasks as Separate Tasks in Multiple Lists: When the option to view subtasks as separate tasks in List view is enabled, now subtasks from tasks in Multiple Lists will also appear separate.

  • Pinned Custom Field Permissions [Enterprise]: Pinned custom fields is now a new custom permission option for Enterprise teams to choose who has pinning ability.

  • Points /Slash Command: Quickly add Sprint Points to a task without lifting a finger from your keyboard using /points.

  • Manual Time Tracking Improvements: We heard your feedback! The date picker has returned! Accompanying it is an improved design to make it easier to switch between timer, manual, and range modes.

  • New Mentions: In a task, you now have the ability to mention assignees or followers directly using @watchers and @assignee

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