Release 2.45

[NEW] Sprint Points [ClickApp]

Introducing our own native Sprint Points feature! Now, you can set up a points system in minutes and easily manage where it's applied. No more messing with custom fields! (Unless you want to, it's still an option 🙂 ).


Not only are Sprint Points a simpler way to maintain scrum/agile points, but they also give you the ability to roll up points from subtasks and assign separate points to each assignee.


Simply toggle this ClickApp on for any Space and enter your point system. Fibonacci numbering will be the default, but you're free to use any system you like!


A great way to use Sprint Points is for resource management in Timeline view. This allows you to track individual capacity for quick task delegation.


Business+ Workspaces have full access to Sprint Points.



Improved Tables in Docs & Tasks

Enjoy the experience of completely revamped tables in your tasks and Docs! We've added the ability to:

  • Resize columns

  • Add line breaks within cells

  • Add lists inside cells

  • Paste data from Excel/CSV files

Now it's easier than ever to use frameworks to communicate ideas within a task, control data formatting, illustrate strategy in your Docs, and more!



Unito Integration [Beta]

Unito just launched their beta integration which allows you to sync ClickUp with Jira, Trello, Hubspot, and more to keep tasks updated across teams and departments!


This integration creates a 2-way connection (sync) between two or more of your tools that enables instant updates to flow between the softwares.


For example, if you were to change the description and due date in your ClickUp task, the Jira issue on the other side would update automatically and vice-versa!



Manual Time Tracking Improvements

Time tracking in ClickUp keeps improving with time. 😉 Our 2.43 release focused on improving the tracker itself. In this release, we shifted focus to better logs.


Reduced Clicks for Manual Mode: Now, when you hover over the time entry, you'll see a + to take you directly into the log time screen.


Support for Setting Time Range: Log manual time with time ranges! Simply set the start and stop times in the manual mode.



Other Improvements

  • Unclear Notifications: If you've ever accidentally cleared a notification you wish you could undo... Now you can restore it from your cleared notification list!

  • Show Milestones on Export: CSV exports now show when a task is a Milestone.

  • Display Longer Custom Field Names: Fit Custom Fields with longer names by adjusting the column width in the task view.

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