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[NEW] Calendly Automation

Another one! - DJ Khaled (& Zeb Evans) 🚀 The all-new Calendly integration allows you to build automations inside ClickUp!


Now, when an invitee schedules an event in Calendly, automatically create a task in ClickUp with all of the meeting information! This is great for organizing logistics and action plans with your team based off of the scheduled event.


Note: Due to Calendly limitations, you must have a Calendly premium account to use this automation.



Full-Width Docs

Now you'll be more focused than ever with an improved Docs viewer to take up more of your screen.


Plus, we've added the option to toggle on full-width mode for any Doc page, so your text expands across the entire width of the page! This is set on a per-page basis, allowing you to switch modes whenever you like.



Dashboard User Permissions

Set permissions for your Dashboards! When inviting members, choose what permission they have on a per-user level.

Select from the following options:

  • Full Edit: Can edit and delete Dashboard

  • Can Edit: Can add and edit widgets

  • Can View: Can view and comment only

This gives more control over the previous default option to just allow members editing access. Guests will still be invited as read-only.



Share Private Tasks into Multiple Lists

Previously, if a task was shared from a List you didn't have access to, you couldn't access the task. Now, tasks shared to another List will be accessible by anyone on any of the task's Lists.


No need to worry about granting permission for each task, just add it with the List you want people to have access to!



Other Improvements

  • Timeline/Workload Hover Cards: Access additional task details in Timeline or Workload views by hovering over any task.

  • Prevent Public Sharing of Templates [Enterprise]: We've added the option to disable publicly sharing templates on Enterprise Plans.

  • Copy Comment Link from Activity View: Easily direct teammates to comments by copying the comment link from Activity view and pasting it in another context.

  • Clickable Breadcrumbs in Doc Lists: Now when you add a List to a Doc you're able to click on the breadcrumbs to take you to that location.

  • Form Title for Page Title: When looking at a public Form, the title that appears on the browser tab will be the title of the Form.

  • Unassign Automations: We've added a new Automation action to remove assignees when triggered.

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