Release 2.52

Automations at Every Level

Time to save more time and remove manual work on a larger scale by adding Automations at the Folder and Space levels. Previously, Automations where tied to Lists, requiring manual effort for teams wanting to use the same Automation across multiple locations.

Now, the headache is gone, and you're able to do so much more with far fewer clicks!


Date and Time Support in Formula Fields

Formula fields now support calculations using the following Date and Time fields:

  • Start Date

  • Due Date

  • Date Started

  • Date Updated

  • Date Closed

  • Time tracked (in hours)

  • Time Estimated (in Hours)

  • Date (Custom Field)

This makes it easy to calculate the age of tasks, estimate the cost of a task based on time spent, and so much more. The options are truly endless.


Here's a few examples:

Calculating Cost Estimates

field("Rate") * field("Time estimated in hours")

Calculating the Age of a Task

DAYS(TODAY(), field("Date created"))

To access these, switch to advanced mode and start building your team's formulas with dynamic dates.


Usability Improvements

Group By Status Type Option for Not Started

To keep statuses organized, now when using a Not started status type we'll automatically organize statuses into groups in the dropdown so it's easier to locate by status type.

Note: You must have the Not started ClickApp on.

Refined Bread Crumbs in Notifications

We've optimized the notification breadcrumb design for Tasks in Multiple Lists so it's easy to identify all the places the task lives!

Other Improvements

[Enterprise] Custom Permissions for Git: Turn on or off the ability for dertain user roles to access git features in tasks on the custom permissions page.

Show recurring tasks in workload and timeline: View future recurrences of tasks in Workload (and Timeline) view. This option can be toggled on and off in the view settings menu.

API Support For Custom Task IDs : You're now able to use custom task IDs when making API requests.

Guest Seat Count visibility: Now easily see how many guest are used against the total available guest seats in the people settings page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Unable to create new Sprint Folders when using the clean layout

  • Fixed: Issues when filtering by the Status custom field for Dashboard widgets

  • Fixed: Removed extra lines in the Description that were generated from Forms

  • Fixed: Exported CSV files were showing old task IDs instead of Custom IDs

  • Fixed: Automation issues with 'status is __' conditions

  • Fixed: Issues with remapping and rescheduling dependencies

  • Fixed: Not able to export tables to Markdown format

  • Fixed: Priority issues inside of Gantt View

  • Fixed: Unable to override hidden folder statuses

  • Fixed: Renaming tags wasn't updating the tag name in the automation

  • Fixed: Automations were not triggering based off people custom field changes

  • Fixed: On rare occasions, team mentions weren't showing up in notifications

  • Fixed: Table View had formula custom field rounding issues

  • Fixed: Various Zapier issues with List and Folder templates

  • ...and many more! 🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Working on Task view

  • Working on Home view

  • Finished Explore tab

Existing Apps

  • [NEW] Mind Maps: View, edit, and create Mind Maps

  • [NEW] Threaded Comments: Read and reply to threaded comments

  • [NEW] Teams: @mention Teams, add them as watchers, or assign them to tasks

  • [NEW] Milestones: Mark tasks as milestones and view them in Lists

  • [NEW] Gantt V2: Enjoy enhanced performance and all of the new Gantt features like identifying slack time in addition to your critical path or tracking Milestones

  • [NEW] Notifications V2: Filter for tasks that have been assigned to you, mentions, and reply directly to threads from within notifications

  • [NEW] Sprint Points ClickApp: View and add sprint points to tasks

  • And TONS of other improvements!

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Unable to download attachments from tasks

  • Fixed: Occasionally unable to remove start/due date from tasks

  • Fixed: Sometimes notifications wouldn’t swipe away

  • Fixed: Keyboard on iOS was covering parts of the comment section

  • Fixed: ‘Add to Inbox’ button wasn’t working when sharing a website

  • Fixed: Unable to load notifications ionic

  • Fixed: Issues with uploading various file types

  • Fixed: Custom fields on tasks weren’t always coming through

  • Fixed: Tags weren’t populating immediately when creating new tasks

  • Fixed: Cursor appeared outside of the task description section

  • Fixed: Tapping on checklist items would open the keyboard instead of marking it

  • Fixed: Unable to scroll and see what is being typed when adding subtasks or checklists

  • Fixed: Forgot password link was not working properly

  • Fixed: Redirects were opening tasks in browser instead of app

  • Fixed: Users needed to restart the app in order to show updated information

  • Fixed: Errors appear in the List View columns for formula fields

  • Fixed: Added the bug form link back to the mobile app

  • ...and many more! 🐞

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