Release 2.58

GIPHY /Slash Command

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a GIF is worth... a billion? With our new GIPHY /Slash Command, quickly share animated pictures (aka GIFs) within Docs and comments for more expressive communication amongst your team.


Simply type /GIPHY followed by a word or phrase to access a random generation of GIFs related to your search!



Multitask Toolbar: Copy Tasks

Ever wanted to copy a set of tasks without creating a whole new template? Maybe you have some tasks that are part of a project that needs to be changed slightly, but it doesn't happen often enough to warrant a template.


Now you're able to copy tasks in bulk using the Multitask Toolbar and customize exactly what content you copy over. Simply copy what you need instead of copying each task one by one.



Board View: Set Grouping During Creation

Previously, you had to create a Board view before setting how columns would be grouped. Now, intuitively set your grouping through a new dropdown when creating a Board view.



Other Improvements

Speed and Optimization Enhancements: We're working to improve performance across the entire platform and have all hands on deck to optimize areas where there are current lags.


Updated sub-processors: Since we're continually adding new features in ClickUp, we've also updated our list of sub-processors to reflect our work with new partners!


Map View Improvements: We improved the zoom function in Map view to include physical buttons and keyboard compatibility. Additionally, Maps are now available in satellite view. 🌍


Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Tasks at the Everything level weren't loading in Table view

  • FIXED: Some users were unable to move tasks in Board view

  • FIXED: Toggle list was not working properly in publicly shared tasks

  • FIXED: Issues with saving Github automations

  • FIXED: Link unfurl modal wasn't dismissing when pressing Enter/Return

  • FIXED: Unable to delete time tracked by guest

  • FIXED: API update task not working with task description

  • FIXED: Calculation widget filter wasn't including tasks with multiple tags

  • FIXED: The Date navigation arrows skipped months

  • And much more... 🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Doc support for creation, editing, and viewing

Upcoming Webinars



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