Release 2.51

[NEW] Sprints [ClickApp]

Managing Sprints in ClickUp wasn't always easy. You could use Lists or Custom Fields to manage everything, but we wanted to do better.


Well, with the help of incredible Agile teams using ClickUp, we're thrilled to finally release a dedicated Sprints feature in ClickUp!


The Sprints ClickApp is designed to reduce the administration associated with agile development. Now, it's easier than ever to:

  • Create and organize Sprints

  • Set statuses and dates for Sprints

  • Automatically build reports for Burndown, Burnup, and Velocity (now you just create them once and they'll update automatically for future Sprints)

  • Automatically close and create new Sprints

Simply toggle on the ClickApp for any Space, select the Sprint duration, and start sprinting towards your releases! You never have to go searching a calendar for what dates to assign to the start and end dates again!


Now, you'll be able to ship releases as fast (or faster 😉 ) than we do!


This ClickApp is free for everyone! Business+ Workspaces also have access to Automations and Sprint Widgets to enhance the Sprints ClickApp even more.



[NEW] Work In Progress Limits [ClickApp]

This week is all about helping agile teams ship faster. With WIP Limits, visually indicate when there's too much work in any given Board column!


This feature makes it easy to see when you're under, at, or above your limit - allowing teams to adjust tasks accordingly. Toggle on the ClickApp for any Space to start visualizing limits! Choose between task count, time estimates, sprint points, or even the money Custom Field.


Business+ Workspaces have access to WIP Limits.



[NEW] Miro Integration (/Slash Command)

For teams that use Miro, you're now able to add new or existing boards to Docs and tasks in ClickUp with a simple /miro slash command.


The Miro integration even allows you to edit Miro boards right from within ClickUp - no need to switch back and forth between applications. Now you can whiteboard ideas anywhere in ClickUp!



Workload: 2 Week View & Ignore Rollups

Get more flexibility when calculating Time Estimates & Sprint Points in Workload view! You now can optionally exclude subtask rollups of points or estimates when determining individual Workload. Including the rollup is most useful when all subtasks will be performed by a single person.


Additionally, you're now able to select a period of two weeks in your Workload view. This is perfect for teams that run on two-week sprints or want extra flexibility for planning ahead.



Team Mentions in Task Descriptions

You can already @mention a person in a task description to let them know something needs their attention. Now if you use Teams, you can also @mention your Team name to notify multiple users at once!



Other Improvements

  • Additional Drag & Drop Functionality in Docs: We've added additional support for the following elements when dragging and dropping in docs and tasks: Task mentions, Doc mentions, Buttons, Paragraph text, and Images.

  • Attachment Support in Task Description: When you add attachments in task descriptions they'll also show in the attachment area, just like they work in comments!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Custom Task IDs were not unfurling within the Slack integration

  • Fixed: Templates with Automations were not saving always

  • Fixed: Inability to create new statuses from List and Board View

  • Fixed: Everything View's status filter were returning statuses that were deleted

  • Fixed: Unable to remap subtask due dates via templates

  • Fixed: Resolving comments showed as if the comment author did so, in Notifications

  • Fixed: Templates weren't maintaining task order when created

  • Fixed: Added tooltips to tasks with long names within Calendar View and other areas

  • And many more... 🐜

New Native Apps (In Development)

  • Working on Task view

  • Working on Explore tab

  • Finished global search

Affiliate Program Updates

We've updated the Affiliate and Referrals Program to benefit you even more!

  • Longer Conversion Time: We've increased the conversion period from 45 days to 180 days, so you have more time for your leads to convert to a paid plan

  • Personalized Promo Code: Request a personal code to share alongside your affiliate link, right from inside your rewards page (see FAQs on the rewards page for the link)

Coming Soon: A resource library of ClickUp banners and graphics to embed on your website or use on social media to promote your rewards link!


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