Release 2.57

[NEW] Map View

Looking for your next job location, real estate listing, or delivery address of an upcoming task?


Now, it's easier than ever to map out your tasks using the all-new Map view!


Coupled with the Location Custom Field, clearly see where your tasks, destinations, or any relevant location fall on a map! Pins can be customized to display the color of the task status, priority, or even a custom dropdown field.


Free Forever members have 100 uses of Map view. Unlimited+ Workspaces have unlimited access.



[NEW] Location Custom Field

There's a new Custom Field on the roster! With the Location Custom Field, add any address to your tasks. Simply begin typing to pull in addresses and places searchable via Google Maps.


This is great for building out Lists of clients, vendors, or anything else you need a location for! Bring each of these locations together in a Map view for greater visualization.



[NEW] Tableau Web Connector

For our data-loving friends, we've integrated with Tableau so you can create more in-depth dashboards to visualize your data.


Simply integrate your Tableau account to pull in any data from your ClickUp Workspace and start creating your ideal snapshot.


Tableau Web Connector is accessible by Workspaces on the Enterprise Plan.



Export to Excel

Our export options have doubled! 😉 Now you can export your List and Table views to Excel in addition to CSV.


The Excel format will retain many styles as well as how you've grouped your view. This includes any custom status or drop-down colors. Your view's name and column calculations are also included with the export.


Business+ Workspaces have the ability to export to Excel.



Other Improvements

Update which List is a task's home from the breadcrumbs: If a task is in multiple Lists, easily update the home List by hovering over the breadcrumbs to select the home icon.


Prevent notifications when editing Custom Fields in bulk: Now when making edits to Custom Fields with the Multitask Toolbar, you have the option not to send bulk notifications.


Collapse Lists and save the view: If there's a List you continuously want to keep out of view, now you can save it as collapsed!


Save templates during quick task creation: Now when you are creating a task using our quick create option (the + icon), you can save the task as a template.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Subtasks created in List view aren't adopting List statuses

  • Fixed: GitHub authentication wasn't accessible to other users

  • Fixed: Unable to change due dates when dragging the due date bar

  • Fixed: Gantt dependencies were remapping incorrectly

  • Fixed: Quick create tasks while grouping by Custom Fields didn't apply to the task

  • Fixed: List view headers didn't stick in place while scrolling in Safari

  • Fixed: Users couldn't clear number custom fields and they were replaced by "0"

  • Fixed: Recurring issues when remapping subtask due dates

  • Fixed: Box view sprint points weren't including tasks in multiple Lists

  • Fixed: Formula Custom Fields were causing REPORT_021 errors

  • Fixed: Some automations were not applying templates to tasks when triggered

  • Fixed: Dragging tasks into priority rows didn't work consistently for Timeline view

  • And many more...🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Working on basic offline mode

  • Working on task and reminder creation

  • Notification updates

  • Refining threaded comments and activity

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Unable to login via Microsoft SSO on iOS devices

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