Release 2.53

Toggle List /Slash Command

Tidy up your Docs, tasks, and comments with the new Toggle List /Slash Command to easily show and hide different block elements. Avoid information overload by dropping elements into a toggle or adding text directly inside of a toggle.


Plus, you can even nest toggles under each other - perfect for writing wikis where you don't want to show all the information at once, allowing users to drill in!



Filter by Relative Date Ranges

When it comes to filtering by date, there are a decent amount of options that currently exist in ClickUp... but we know it's not all the options. That's why we've added the ability to set your own rolling periods!


If the last 7 days doesn't work for you, set it to any number of days you want, and choose between days, weeks, months, or even years. We've even included Next and Last options to get extra granular. 🥳


Relative date ranges currently support:

  • Last X Days (e.g. Last 4 days, including today)

  • Last/This/Next Week

  • Last/This/Next Month

  • Last/This/Next Quarter

  • Last/This/Next Year

These filters offer a different way of narrowing down on tasks - like filtering a roadmap List to see what's coming up next month or looking at which tasks a person has been assigned in the last 2 weeks to see exactly what they're working on.



Slack Integration Updates

ClickUp's Slack Integration got a "make it easy" makeover! 💅 Now, creating tasks offers an optional browse feature so you don't have to remember the List name.


There's also a new calendar picker when choosing dates, and we've made adding and removing Tags or assignees easier through a single modal.



Mass Remove Tasks in Multiple Lists

Love adding Tasks to Multiple Lists but hate removing them one by one? Us too. That's why we've added support for removing tasks from multiple Lists using our Multi-Task Toolbar. Quickly select multiple tasks and remove the secondary location.


This function only removes and does not delete, meaning you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting a task housed to a given List.



Other Improvements

  • Improved Filter UI: We've entirely revamped our filter design to make each line super clear with what elements need to be filled out. We've also changed the way you configure filters on multi-item options such as assignees, tags, and now Locations as well! This is perfect if you're using the Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp.

  • Simplified UX for Template: We reduced the visual clutter of the various options when looking at which items to copy over. No options were removed, just improving UI. 😄

  • Filter & Search by Assigned Comments in Task Activity: In a task's activity you can now filter by assigned comments. Additionally, searching the activity takes into consideration any other applied filters.

  • Add to List from Task Options: You now have the ability to add a task to another List right from the task option menu.

  • Navigate Template Modal with a Keyboard: Additional keyboard support is now available when searching the template picker so it's easier to quickly apply templates.

  • Quick Links Bar Supports Links from Replies: If you drop a supported link (Figma, Loom, etc.) in a threaded reply, it will now show up in the Quick Links Bar at the bottom of your task along with any links from parent comments.

  • Duplicate Tasks in Multiple Lists: When you duplicate a List, Folder, or Space, we'll now include a copy of any task that is from a multiple List.

  • YAML Support: Code block now has syntax support for YAML.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Italian characters were not exporting correctly

  • Fixed: Issue with renaming tags in manual Time Tracking

  • Fixed: Time estimates workload showed blanks in Box View

  • Fixed: Github pull-request merged trigger was not firing

  • Fixed: The Latest Comment field didn't load until a task was open and closed

  • Fixed: Github webhooks weren't working for some users

  • Fixed: Error with exporting the Time Reporting Dashboard widget

  • Fixed: Issues with copying and pasting bullet points between cells

  • Fixed: Unable to edit certain existing Automations

  • ...and many more! 🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Working on activity in Task view

  • Working on Home

  • Refinements to Explore screen

Existing Apps

  • [NEW] Added support for collapsable Lists

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Users were unable to reply to chats

  • Fixed: Pinned views were not showing up

  • Fixed: Grouped custom field notifications were not rendering properly

  • Fixed: Users who were a part of a large number of Workspaces with SSO enabled couldn't scroll properly

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