Release 2.54

Workspace Dashboards

Previously, to share Dashboards with everyone in ClickUp, you had to manually select each person individually. Not anymore!


Now, you can create and share Dashboards quickly with your entire Workspace!

Workspace Dashboards will appear in your Shared Dashboards section and every member will have full access by default.


Workspace Dashboards are perfect for displaying company goals, announcements, or metrics for everyone to be aware of!



Export Form Responses to CSV

Information in task Lists can become cluttered, especially with an active Form. Now you can easily separate the tasks generated by a Form from other tasks you're working on with our new Form view export button. In one click you can download just the Form results as a CSV file!


Business+ Workspaces have the ability to export Form responses to CSV.



Mobile Time Tracking V2

Our recent Time Tracking updates have gone mobile! 📱 Now you can start and stop your timer within the mobile app and it will save across all devices!


Better yet, start tracking time on the web and stop on the mobile app (or vice versa) for seamless time tracking that goes wherever you go.



More Colors in Docs

Docs, just like life, are better with more color. 🌈 That's why we've added font color options to our toolbar so you can turn your SOPs into riveting works of art 😉


But the rainbow doesn't stop there! We've also updated our highlighter to include more colors like purple and blue to easily differentiate between different contexts.



Form Preview Toggle

Previously, you had to paste the Form link in a different tab to see how it would look live. Now you can toggle between editing and viewing your Form with our new preview switch!


Bonus: You can even submit to the Form from the preview modal for quick testing! 🤩



Other Improvements

Miro Auto Load: Embedded Miro boards will automatically load so you no longer have to click to bring them into view.


Include Archived Tasks in Templates: Choose to include any archived task when applying a template List, Folder, or Space template.


Full-width Form Fields: We've added the option to keep Form drop-downs at full-width when publishing.


Custom Task ID Minimum Charter: Create Custom Task IDs with a minimum of 2 prefix characters instead of 3.


Task ID is a Dom Element Attribute: For developers building custom browser extensions, we added the ClickUp Task ID into the Dom for easy reference.


Notifications for Shared Docs: If you share a Doc with someone, they'll receive a notification to easily navigate to it and determine next steps.


List Info Start & End Dates Applied to Sprint: For those using the Sprints ClickApp, this update sets the default List info's start and end dates to align with the Sprint. Easily change the List dates to be different from the Sprint if you choose.


Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Wrike import failing

  • FIXED: Slack: Unable to find existing tasks

  • FIXED: Automation changes not being saved

  • FIXED: Limit members abilities to delete other users imports

  • FIXED: Moving Lists when grouped by color results in random Lists moving around

  • FIXED: /clickup new and create a task commands not working

  • FIXED: Changing field values is reverting back

  • FIXED: Slack Integration: Subtasks don't provide breadcrumb of parent task

  • FIXED: Unable to use actions on tasks linked in Slack from Zapier

  • FIXED: Forms: Setting user's permission to "Can't unprotect view" doesn't allow them to access Form

  • ...and many more! 🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Working on activity in Task view

  • Working on refinements to Notifications

Existing Apps

  • [NEW] Time Tracking V2

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Sharing was not working for Android devices

  • Fixed: Issue with date picker freezing up

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