Release 2.56

Required Custom Fields (Beta)

Create consistency and ensure data integrity across your Workspace by requiring Custom Fields to be filled out when creating tasks!


If a Custom Field is required, people will be prevented from creating new tasks until every required field is filled out. When enabled, this does not impact existing tasks.


Stay tuned for even more flexibility with our Custom Fields Manager coming soon!


Business+ Workspaces have the ability to require Custom Fields.



Mobile Dashboards

Dashboards have gone mobile! 📱 Now you can view any Dashboard on your mobile device to access high-level progress on the go!



Bookmark Cards for Websites

Previously, when linking to websites outside of ClickUp, all you got was a boring link. Now, links give context and unfurl additional details when you choose to embed or create a bookmark.


What's this bookmark you speak of? The all-new Bookmark Card will display your links in a clean box, including a snippet of text and any available images!



Other Improvements

Task Description Full-Screen Mode Update: Now, when you expand a task description, more information such as the title of the task is displayed to provide context while editing.


Template Picker Modal Redesign: We made some improvements to the template picker so it's easier to see both ClickUp and user-created templates.


Form Logo now Defaults to Workspace Avatar: Users of Business+ Workspaces will automatically see their forms populated with their Workspace's avatar which is always easily edited as needed!


Quick Create New Dropdown Options: When searching for options in a dropdown field, if no results are found, you will have a quick way to add it as a new option.


Historical Data in Sprint Widgets: When looking at a specific date range in your Sprint Widgets, you'll now see a snapshot of the data for the selected time period.


Edit Custom Fields in Board View: You now have the ability to edit Custom Fields in Board view without clicking into the task.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various issues when using drag and drop with Favorited tasks

  • Fixed: Users not seeing data for Dashboards when filtering 'Workspace Points' widget

  • Fixed: Infinite loading when exporting Lists

  • Fixed: Dashboards Portfolio widget showed closed tasks when the option was disabled

  • Fixed: Minor styling issues when tagging users

  • Fixed: Unable to remap templates earliest due date if the task didn't have a start date

  • Fixed: List templates threw an error when users tried to create from the picker

  • Fixed: Guest users were hitting infinite loading pages for the Github settings page

  • Fixed: Remapping dates to next year, with skip weekends on, added extra days

  • And much more... 🐞


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Working on List view

  • Working on comment editor

  • Working on task view improvements

  • Working on files tab

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Pull to refresh not working in notifications

  • Fixed: Assigned comments does not show who the user is

  • Fixed: Unable to move a task

  • Fixed: Unable to see Folders or Lists in the sidebar when clicking on a Space

  • Fixed: Unable to select a person from the assignee filter settings

  • Fixed: Unable to create tasks from "New task" button at the bottom of a List group

  • Fixed: Can't scroll in comment thread

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