Release 2.60

New Infrastructure & Increased Reliability

This week, we migrated to a brand new infrastructure that allows us to scale indefinitely. Our old infrastructure was unable to optimally handle the platform's exponential growth, which caused undesired speed and reliability issues.


The migration is complete and has resolved any related reliability issues. This sets us up to implement all-new speed optimizations over the coming weeks!


What does this fix?

  • No more widespread outages

  • No more issues with creating or editing items in ClickUp, then having those changes reverted, delayed, or not visible

  • No more slow loading or response times during high-traffic periods

We'll continue focusing on reliability and speed improvements over the next several weeks.


Read the entire message from Zeb here!


Bug Fixes


  • FIXED: Tasks created by ClickUp Forms were not triggering automations

  • FIXED: Automations were not firing correctly and there were blank action boxes

  • FIXED: Delete action was not working for Automations

  • FIXED: Tags were not applied correctly to created subtasks

  • FIXED: Inability to select master branch with GitHub automation

Time Reporting

  • FIXED: Inability to filter Time Reporting widget by dropdown Custom Field

  • FIXED: Time Estimates in Box view were not totaling up correctly

  • FIXED: Timesheet was rounding incorrectly

  • FIXED: Time estimated on tasks was not showing up correctly

  • FIXED: Time Reporting widget was showing archived Folders as "Unassigned" or "Private" without Folder names

  • FIXED: Time tracking timer would randomly stop tracking

Other Fixes

  • FIXED: Exporting fields with formulas was giving the wrong value in export

  • FIXED: Members weren't able to delete items with permission granted

  • FIXED: Guests with view-only permissions were able to change Sprint Points

  • FIXED: UI collisions with Multitask Toolbar

  • FIXED: Attachments in threaded comments were not added to task attachments

  • FIXED: Various issues with Asana, Basecamp, Jira, and Trello imports failing

  • FIXED: Embedded videos in Docs did not show full player in Safari

  • FIXED: Sprints were not auto-completing when the last day ended

  • FIXED: Infinite loading issues for certain users’ Lists

  • FIXED: Inability to reorder tasks in sidebar

  • FIXED: Various server errors for Dashboard widgets

  • FIXED: Sorting due dates on Table view wasn’t working

  • And much more... 🐛

New Pinned Action Buttons

In light of all our speed improvements, we've also made it faster than ever to access your favorite apps in ClickUp!


Previously, you had to click into the rainbow + at the bottom of your screen in order to start a Clip or track time outside a task. Now, creating a task is its own separate button, and you can pin any other action to always be accessible.



Other Improvements

Increased transitioning speed from Notifications to Spaces: Transitioning from a notification to a Space is now faster and smoother.


Removed lag for fast typing: When you quickly type a reply on a thread, your words will be captured without any lag or missed text.


Removed lag for emoji searching: When you quickly type to search for emojis, your words will be captured without any lag or missed text.


Enhanced speed of task view: Opening a task will now be much quicker than before. Next week we'll release an update that cuts the loading time of task view in half!


Sub-Processor Updates

Since we’re continually adding new features in ClickUp, we’ve also updated our list of sub-processors to reflect work with our new partners:

  • Amplitude

  • Fivetran

  • Snowflake


Native (In Development)

  • Working on List view

  • Working on Profiles

  • Continued work on Docs

  • Starting on Board view

Upcoming Webinars



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