Release 2.63

Improved Comment Features

Comment Reminders

Notifications piling up? Never forget about a comment again! Use the Remind me option on any comment to turn the text into a Reminder. The Reminder will live in your Inbox and appear on the date you select!



Column for Assigned Comments Count

Quickly identify tasks with unresolved Assigned Comments in List or Table view with the Assigned Comments column! With a clear view of assigned comments, you can easily address tasks that require your attention.



Threaded Comments in Chats

Keep your Chats clear of clutter with threaded comments! Now if you want to have a side conversation, you can reply to someone in a thread so everyone's notifications stay clean.



Improved Sprint Features

Add a Sprint Column

When the Sprints ClickApp is turned on, you'll now have the ability to see which Sprints your tasks are in by adding the all-new Sprint field to your view.



Search & Filter for Values in Sprint Points

If you have a long list of Sprint Point selections, search and filter for what you need when adding points to your tasks - simply type the value and press enter!



Other Improvements

Easy Access to Workload View

Now, on Business Plans and above, Workload view will be available to add to any Space, Folder or List in your Workspace without having to use a ClickApp.


Copy Statuses & Views when Creating a New List/Folder/Space

Each time you create a new List, Folder, or Space, you'll now have the option to start from scratch or copy existing statuses, views, Automations, and/or Custom Fields from any other Space, Folder, or List.


Copy Automations when Copying a Folder or Space

The option to copy any Automation from one location to another is now available at the Folder AND Space level! 💪


Bug Fixes

Fixed: Double bullet points were showing up in publicly shared documents

Fixed: List view export was not working for Free/Unlimited Plans

Fixed: Filters are missing 'is set' and 'is not set' operators

Fixed: Issues with Docs loading and browser crashing

Fixed: Subtasks were becoming tasks when reordering and sorting columns

Fixed: Task view descriptions were not saving in full-screen mode

And many more... 🐛



Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Redesign of task view header

  • Refining Custom Field editors

  • Revamped settings menu

Upcoming Webinars



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