Release 2.66

Series B

Hear directly from our CEO, Zeb Evans, to learn how we're going to improve ClickUp with this funding!



Nested Subtasks [ClickApp] (Beta)

If you've ever felt limited by only having one level of subtasks, you'll love us for this one. 🤩


Now you can add subtasks to subtasks! Add up to seven levels of Nested Subtasks for virtually unlimited organization. Avoid messy setups and enjoy the perfect hierarchy even for the most complex projects.


Turn this ClickApp on to seamlessly arrange your subtasks with our improved drag-and-drop functionality. Visualize your entire subtasks structure from a high-level in a List view, Gantt chart, or Mind Map!


Note: Nested Subtasks are only available on desktop. This feature will be added to mobile soon!




Relationships [ClickApp] (Beta)

Links and dependencies used to be the only way of relating tasks within ClickUp. This was limiting, unorganized, and not very flexible.


Now, you can use the Relationships ClickApp to create more structure than ever thought possible in ClickUp.


Here's what's new:

  • Improved user experience and layout of task view (linked tasks, Docs, backlinks, integrations, dependencies are now organized in their own tables)

  • Docs now support backlinks and linking to other Docs and Tasks!

  • 2-Way links between all your tasks and docs

  • Rollup fields to pull in-field data from your related tasks

  • New Relationship Field to build custom Relationships between Lists or any task in your Workspace

  • Automatic Backlinks in Docs and tasks to easily show where anything is mentioned

  • Display your Relationships as columns in List view, edit, and add items right from there

The possibilities are endless, but some ideas include CRM, Client Management, Applicant Tracking, Databases, Inventory Management, and so much more.


For example, create a List of your clients and a List for your invoices. Then, create a List-to-List Relationship between those two Lists. Now, you'll be able to attach invoices to your clients and perform calculations (like how much each client is worth). Need more ideas? Soon, we'll have new templates exploring all the possibilities!


Once this ClickApp has been enabled, all the linked items you're used to seeing at the top and bottom of your task view will now be in their own respective Relationship tables for quick access! From there, link your tasks, dependencies, create custom Relationships, and even add Rollups for more context in your tasks!


Note: Relationships are only available on desktop. This feature will be added to mobile soon!




Template Center

Over the past two years, we've seen our incredible community create setups in ClickUp that blew away even our wildest imaginations. These setups were definitely not easy to build and required a lot of time to set up.


Now, it's time for everyone to get access to these incredible organizational ideas in seconds. Template Center is the start of a platform for ClickUp fanatics to share (and use) templates around the world.


Previously, templates provided by ClickUp were scarce and only available for Folders. With the Template Center, you now have access to hundreds of custom-made templates for everything in ClickUp including Docs, Lists, and so much more.


We’ve added a TON of new templates to help you organize your Workspace. These include Sprints templates for agile development teams, a Student template for managing class notes and projects, and even Space templates for Agile and Waterfall Management!


The new Template Center makes it easy to search community templates, organize with tags, update existing templates, and submit templates to share with the community (soon)! 😄




Other Improvements

New Simple Layout

In an effort to make ClickUp simpler, easier to use, and improve UX in general, we've launched a brand new layout — rightfully named, the "Simple Layout".


If you choose to switch to the Simple Layout, you'll enjoy a simplified sidebar to keep your hierarchy all in one place, better structure and usability in views, and improved user experience for editing tasks in views.





Linking to a Doc is cool, but what if you have a really long Doc, and you want to send someone straight to a specific section within that Doc?


Now you can! Simply hover over that section, click the drag handle, and choose Copy Link. A link jumping to that specific section will be copied to your clipboard.




Click to Delete or Duplicate Text Blocks in Docs & Tasks

The normal (boring) way to delete a line of text is: click, highlight text, backspace... Not anymore! Now, just click on the drag handle and select Delete - or choose Duplicate to save several cycles of copy/paste.


Bug Fixes

Fixed: The cursor was getting stuck within code block and task mentions in Docs

Fixed: Publicly shared embed videos were not resizing

Fixed: Embedding a view didn't expand in public docs

Fixed: Clicking on the table of content would open up a blank page in public docs

Fixed: PDF was not exporting correctly in Doc view

And many more... 🐛




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