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[NEW] White Label [Enterprise]

While we love our brand, we understand how cool it would be to have your own within ClickUp. Now, Enterprise Workspaces can white label ClickUp. Whether it's to stay on brand internally or while interacting with clients, owners and admins have the ability to customize their Workspace logos, colors, and URLs!


White Label support is exclusive to the Enterprise plan.



Reactions to Comments [ClickApp]

While you might still be waiting for a dislike button on Facebook, we'll never leave you hanging. 😉 We've upgraded Likes to allow all reactions including every emoji! Give reactions to comments using one (or more) emojis to express exactly how you're feeling.


This ClickApp is free for everyone! Simply toggle it on to start adding your reactions.



Assign Threaded Replies

Previously, you could only assign top-level comments to people. Now, you can assign comments in threads as well! Assigned Comments from threads will appear in the same Comments section of your task as other Assigned Comments for a singular spot to see what's left to complete the task!



Okta Support for Custom Roles [Enterprise]

For teams that rely on Okta for provisioning, Custom Roles are now fully integrated with Okta! Any role created in ClickUp can be added as an option within Okta, making it easy to integrate Custom Roles into existing workflows.


Okta support is exclusive to the Enterprise plan.



Infrastructure Upgrades & Maintenance

Recently, we’ve experienced extreme growth in traffic which has caused intermittent issues accessing ClickUp. This is not acceptable as you need to reliably access your work. For this reason, we’re expediting the rollout of our new infrastructure.


After this first phase is complete, we expect:

  • More reliable infrastructure

  • Faster response times

  • Less outages and slowness periods

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to make ClickUp more reliable than ever before.


Read the entire message from Zeb here.


Other Improvements

GIPHY as a ClickApp: While we love GIFs, we understand they're not for everyone. Now, GIPHY is an optional feature through the ClickApp and will be On until disabled. The content will be PG-13, based on GIPHY's content rating system.


Microsoft Preview ClickApp: View Office365 files directly in ClickUp! ClickUp attachments will be sent to Microsoft Office Online Doc Viewer servers to preview of files when this ClickApp is enabled.


Add Location Custom Fields to Forms: With our recent release of the Location Custom Field, we've also added the ability to add Locations to your Forms so people can specify exact addresses.


Team @ mentions in Chat: Now you can mention teams in Chat view to more easily notify a department/user group of important updates.


Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Inability to use Tab to create the next level in Mind Maps

  • FIXED: Re-ordering tasks using the sidebar was not functioning in Gantt view

  • FIXED: Toggled Lists would stay expanded when a user would leave a task and return

  • FIXED: Issues with remapping due dates for templates

  • FIXED: Assigning others in the people custom field was failing in certain cases

  • FIXED: Timeline view showed very narrow boxes that were hard to read

  • FIXED: Daily Summary email notification showed duplicate tasks

  • FIXED: Embedded videos in Safari were not showing the full player

  • FIXED: Task mentions duplicated over and over again in Docs causing some crashes

  • FIXED: Settings menu was closing when selecting templates

  • FIXED: Not all of the hours were displaying when hide weekends was on

  • And much more... 🐛


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Continued work on Docs

  • Working on Notepad

  • Re-vamped bottom tab bar

Existing Apps

  • [NEW] Reactions to comments

  • [NEW] Assign threaded comments

Mobile Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Users were unable to view the entire date-picker

  • Fixed: Personal views were not accessible on List view

  • Fixed: Issues with the new GIPHY /slash command

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