Release 2.62

Time in Status [ClickApp]

Easily identify bottlenecks with the all-new Time in Status ClickApp! Now you'll know exactly how long a task has been in any status to ensure work is always moving forward.


By understanding task time in each status, you'll see how your team works to provide more accurate time estimates and predict how long your projects will take.


Time in Status data will be accessible through a field in List view which shows both time in current status and total time in all statuses for a given task. This data will also be accessible through the API.


Time in Status is a Business+ feature. Toggle on the ClickApp to get started! And keep your eyes peeled for a reporting widget coming soon!



Other Improvements

Search Fields in Dashboard Widgets

Find your Custom Fields faster when adjusting widget settings by using the new search box in your Custom Field picker.


Filter Activity by Assigned Comments Assignee

Previously, when using filters in task activity you could only filter for assigned comments, making it difficult to find comments you assigned. Now, locate assigned comments for specific team members by filtering to comments they're assigned to! This option is available in both task activity and Activity view - guaranteeing action items never get lost.


Improved Formatting for Text Editing: Line Breaks & Objects in Lists

We've improved formatting in lists so you have the ability to use shift+enter to add line breaks in between list items. Plus, now you can add objects like banners, embeds, and attachments inside of numbered lists in editors, without restarting the ordering! Additionally, pasting text will no longer break ordered lists.


Bug Fixes

Automation Fixes

We're very close to releasing our new Automations infrastructure to make Automations instant. This is scheduled to be released next week.


Fixed: Triggers with watcher conditions were not firing correctly

Fixed: Creating a subtask that applies a template with more subtasks creates nested subtasks

Fixed: Task descriptions were not always brought over from Templates


Import Fixes

Fixed: Todoist imports were failing

Fixed: Custom Fields were not imported for all rows of a CSV


Table Fixes

Fixed: Issues when deleting columns in tables

Fixed: Pasting numbered lists or bulleted lists into a table would break it

Fixed: Selecting a few cells would select the entire table

Fixed: Issues with the horizontal scroll bar and trouble removing rows

Fixed: Table size was re-adjusting by itself when navigating away and back

Fixed: Tables would merge when creating a new table above or below an existing one


Other Fixes

Fixed: Subtasks were not remapping correctly

Fixed: Task template wasn't keeping subtask order

Fixed: Subtask assignee was not appearing in the parent task view

Fixed: Saving new task as template was not saving from Quick Create

Fixed: Inability to drag and drop tasks from the right-hand side in Timeline view

Fixed: Gantt view wasn't showing Complete and Done tasks as default

Fixed: Inability to search for threaded replies in task view

Fixed: Inability to select tasks using the Multitask Toolbar

Fixed: Long text Custom Field was not displaying characters correctly

Fixed: General delay when typing

And many more... 🐛



Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Refining Custom Field editors

  • Work on Home and Inbox

  • Finishing work on List view

Upcoming Webinars



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