Release 2.65

  • Updated

Events in ClickUp

Sync your Google Calendar events directly into any Calendar view in ClickUp! See your meetings, to-dos, and even holidays all in one place.


Changes you make to events in ClickUp will be synced in real-time to Google Calendar.


You’ll have the option to sync multiple calendars + toggle each of your connected Google Calendars on and off as needed within your ClickUp Calendar view. 🎉


Note: Outlook capabilities are coming soon!



2FA Available On All Plans!

Keep your ClickUp account safe 🔐with Two-Factor Authentication. Everyone, no matter what plan you're on, can now enable TOTP via your preferred authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, etc. and set up 2FA in your personal settings!


Note: Two-Factor Authentication via SMS text message is only available on Business Plans and above. However, Two-Factor via authenticator apps like Google Authenticator are available on all plans!



Time in Status Widget

Identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and manage resources more effectively with the Time in Status widget. Once this ClickApp has been enabled, the Time in Status widget provides a bar chart on your Dashboard where you can see the unique statuses for all your tasks in a given time frame.


This allows you to view the time you and your team have spent in each status and even compare with previous time ranges.


Note: This feature is only available for Workspaces on Business Plans and above.



Add reCAPTCHA to Forms

Protect your Forms from fraud and abuse! You can now enable reCAPTCHA on your Forms to require anyone filling it out to pass the Captcha test in order to submit. 🙌

reCAPTCHA must be enabled manually on each Form you want it applied to!


Note: This feature is available on plans Business and above.



Bug Fixes

Fixed: Images in Docs would lose proportions when expanded

Fixed: Highlighting a checklist in a comment would resolve the comment

Fixed: No error validation was present for Custom Field phone numbers

Fixed: Issues with linked unfurled images in guest user's tasks

Fixed: Velocity chart estimates on Dashboards were not matching other views

Fixed: Velocity chart was showing future Sprints when last 12 Sprints were selected

Fixed: Bookmarks were appearing in assigned comments list in task view

And many more... 🐛


Sub-Processor Updates

As we continually work to provide the best customer service in ClickUp, we’ve also updated our list of sub-processors to reflect work with our new partners:

  • Salesforce

  • Attribution


Native Mobile (In Development)

  • Finished redesign of task view header

  • Refined overview and attachments tab in task view

  • Revamped settings menu & refinements

  • Refined share extension for iOS

  • Updates and refinements to sign-in flow

Existing Apps

  • Added support for 2FA via authenticator apps

Upcoming Webinars

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