Release 2.61

Full PDF, Markdown, & HTML Export of Docs

We're excited to announce you can officially download all pages in Docs you've written in ClickUp! 🥳 Previously, you could only export one page at a time. Now, export all the pages of a Doc simultaneously in PDF, Markdown, and HTML through the powerful Doc export feature.



Other Improvements

Proofing on Images in Threaded Comments

Now you can add markup to images within threaded comments!


Activity View Updates for Tasks in Multiple Lists

Changes to Tasks in Multiple Lists will now show in Activity view and task activity! Choose to receive a notification each time a task is removed/added to another List or stay up to date within your views.


Edit and Assign Comments from Notifications

When a threaded reply enters your notification feed, now you can edit your earlier responses and assign comments!


Add Custom Fields when Grouping New Boards

Create a new Custom Field to group by when adding a new Board view!


Change Milestones in Bulk

Save time by using the Multitask Toolbar to mark or unmark groups of tasks as Milestones!


Bug Fixes


We're improving the speed of Automations to make them instant in real-time. We'll have even more updates next week.

  • Fixed: Automation checklist trigger was not creating a new task in another List

  • Fixed: Creating a task in a specific location using Automations was not working

  • Fixed: The 'custom field changes' Automation trigger was not working for checkboxes

Other Fixes

  • Fixed: When loading a large List there was a lag when typing in the tasks

  • Fixed: Incorrect order when using drag-and-drop in List view

  • Fixed: Inability to add Goals

  • Fixed: Setting a Map view as required wasn't working

  • Fixed: Inability to change the status of a task in Box view

  • Fixed: Inability to create tasks if required custom fields are enabled in Gantt view

  • Fixed: Using the Multitask Toolbar to "Unassign" was not removing Team assignees

  • Fixed: Long loading times when closing out a task

  • Fixed: Items deleted from task tray were reappearing

  • Fixed: Pinned views were not staying in place in Spaces

  • Fixed: Inability to filter for teams as assignees in Dashboards

  • Fixed: Activity feed was being carried over when duplicating a task

  • Fixed: Tag wasn't bringing in the associated tags

  • Fixed: Email notifications for resolved comments weren't being sent

  • Fixed: Inability to access personal views on List view

  • Fixed: Sprint Points column was not getting filled when exporting

  • Fixed: Tasks were not showing tasks in Calendar view

  • Fixed: Cutting the text from inside the table shifted the content from the next cell

  • Fixed: Issues with tables in Docs

  • And much more... 🐛


Native (In Development)

  • Working on custom field editors

  • Continue work on Board view

  • Finishing work on List view

Upcoming Webinars



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