Release 2.67



We're so excited to announce two brand new mobile apps! Download the iOS version on the Apple App Store and the Android version from the Google Play Store for free! 📱


"Turn Into" Quick Text Formatting

The days of highlighting your text and manually converting it to a different format are over! Now it's quicker and easier than ever with our new block menu option: Turn Into


Turn your text into anything your heart desires. 😍 From changing header 1 text into normal text, banner text into quote, bullet list into checklist, the list goes on. For even speedier text conversions, try out our Turn Into /slash command by typing /tu anywhere in your text block!


Note: "Turn Into" for embeds like YouTube, Google Drive, Figma, etc. + attachments like images, video, and more are coming soon!



Bitbucket Server Integration

Attention Engineering teams: 📣 Have you wanted to use our Bitbucket Cloud integration but couldn't because your team was using Bitbucket Server? Say no more! The Bitbucket Server integration is now available to all teams and plans!


Manage your pull requests, branches, and commits with their CI/CD status all from within ClickUp. This integration takes flexibility and customization to the next level by allowing for better team collaboration, more organized Sprints, and the ability to launch your products faster than ever before!



See Who Resolved an Assigned Comment

Previously, when a comment was resolved, it wasn't always clear who resolved it unless you dug through the task history. Now, the name of the user who resolved the comment will appear next to the checkmark within the assigned comment itself!



Bug Fixes

Template Center

Fixed: When you filtered for a template, opened template details, or went back to Template Center, search results would stay the same

Fixed: Inability to scroll between the Workspace and ClickUp template sections

Fixed: Inability to remap by start dates in template center

Fixed: Search was not searching the template description

Fixed: Pinned images and comments weren't carried over when using the template


Nested Subtasks

Fixed: Missing icons on the UI

Fixed: Edit state for nested subtasks on task view was getting cut off



Fixed: Track time action was giving errors in Automations

Fixed: The conditions any/not any were not supported but showing on the UI



Fixed: Lists were collapsing when navigating to Dashboards from Spaces

Fixed: Recurring filters on Completed Report widgets were not bringing all tasks in

Fixed: Custom Bar Chart widgets were showing a different number of tasks than the List


Task Relationships

Fixed: Rollup, linked tasks, and dependencies columns weren't being exported

Fixed: Clicking anywhere in the integration row should open the modal

Fixed: Scrollbar in dark mode when adding Relationship rollups was not appearing correctly



Fixed: Tables would reformat in Docs when copy/pasting

Fixed: Inserting a '#' after a bullet point List item would cause the screen to crash in Docs



Fixed: User Space names were duplicated and were unable to complete after mapping users in a CSV Import

Fixed: The comment section was not displayed when a user was creating a recurring task

Fixed: The tooltip in task view over the ClickBot wouldn't go away when no longer hovering

Fixed: Updated styling on assigned comments column so that the number turns green instead of the cell

And many more... 🐛


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