Release 1.26


Google Calendar 2-Way Syncing

In real-time, you can now sync ClickUp tasks with Google Calendar. Make changes in Google and those changes are instantly reflected in ClickUp; and vice versa.
You can specify granularity down to the List level for which tasks to sync. You even have the option to only sync tasks assigned to you. 


List Details: Descriptions, Conversations, Attachments, Colors, & Dates

Now, you can keep all pertinent information inside of Lists. This means everything - start dates, due dates, descriptions, attachments, and even - conversations! Oh, we also added COLORS to Lists! 


Color Themes

Is purple not your favorite color? Okay, we get it! We added a plethora of color themes to choose from that you can adjust from your User Preferences. In the near future, we'll also add dark theme options. 


Option to reverse order of List view Statuses (Open comes first)

This one goes out to those of you who really wanted List view to emulate Board view in the arrangement of statuses. You can now specify in your User Preferences to reverse the order of List view Statuses, making Open appear at the top. 



Gif of someone selecting multiple tasks using the multitask toolbar in List view.
  • Recurring tasks
    - Improved recurrence options with detailed tooltips
    - Choose when to start the first recurrence 

Screenshot showing new recurring task options.
Screenshot of the realtime editing warning.


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