Release 2.12

Convert a Task to a List

Now, you can quickly convert tasks into Lists. Rather than having a task with too many subtasks, expand your scope by shifting your tasks into the next level so they can contain their own tasks and subtasks. 


[NEW] Reply to Comments

Highlight text to reply to specific parts of a comment! This is particularly useful if someone asks you multiple questions in a comment or there's lots of activity in your task. 


Import Custom Fields

Now you can import any field using the CSV importer! 

Map data to existing custom fields in your Workspace or create brand new ones as you import.



New Filter: Location

Select only the Spaces, Folders, or Lists you want to see! This is crucial in the Everything view when you want to limit tasks to specific locations.


Option to display Time Tracking & Estimates in hours

Make it easier to compare time tracked and estimated on your tasks by simplifying the time format.

Use this feature to enforce hours as the standard unit of time. 


Order Spaces on User Level

Now when someone adjusts the order of Spaces, it will only affect their view instead of the entire team's!


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