2.0 Beta - Week 10 Updates

Search 2.0 - New and improved


We started from scratch in developing our search 2.0 feature. You'll notice:

  1. Major improvements to results

  2. Major speed improvements

  3. When opening search, you'll see ALL of your recent tasks so you can easily find what you were just working on

  4. Now you can search Docs, Conversations, and even Files


QuickSwitch 2.0

QuickSwitch is the fastest way to move through ClickUp. Just touch K  on your keyboard to open this life-changing tool. 

In addition to Spaces, Folders, and Lists - now you can search Views and Profiles in QuickSwitch! 


Agile/Scrum Points in Box View

Did you know that you can use number custom fields in ClickUp as agile/scrum points?!

Now you can see workloads for these points in Box View and manage your resources using drag & drop. 

Turn show scrum points on to display numeric custom fields in Box View and measure your sprints' progress:


You can even visualize workload based on scrum points in Box View (Business Plan only).



  • Filters: You can now filter for Due Date > Yesterday 

  • Box View: You can now resolved assigned comments in Box View!

  • Press m  when viewing a task to assign it to yourself 

  • TONS (100+) of bug fixes and optimizations - we're getting very close to the public release! 

  • Hotkeys for views are back! Jump between any Required Views in your Space!
    - l  for List View
    - b  for Board View
    - x  for Box View
    - c  for Calendar View


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