2.0 Beta - Week 15 Updates

ClickUp 2.0 Moves to a Public BETA

What does this mean? Now, anyone can make the switch to 2.0! Technically there's still a few big features we're still polishing up (there might also be a few more bugs to squash), but we want your help and feedback in wrapping things up! Hence the opening of our public BETA. 

Here's a doc that describes some of the surface level changes, but prepare for a world of new incredible tools in ClickUp 2.0. 

Let us know if you find anything that looks out of place, and keep us updated on the 2.0 feedback board when you have suggestions for new features or improvements!


Making the Switch



  1. Click your team avatar menu

  2. At the top of the dropdown, click Try ClickUp 2.0  

  3. Complete the checklist to familiarize yourself

  4. Let us know what you think through the in-app feedback form in your new team avatar menu


Improvements this week

  • ClickUp's search improves with tons of optimizations and returns results for partial matches much more accurately.



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