2.0 Beta - Week 3 Updates

We've changed a few things this week around sharing, permissions, and freezing views in ClickUp 2.0 to simplify as much as possible. 

Views Privacy - Personal view


Now, views can be set as personal to you - so only you have access to that view.  

Note: Personal views are available on paid plans. 


Freezing View Layouts


When you flip this toggle, you now get to decide who has the ability to unfreeze the view. This prevents any unwanted changes. 


You can also now add a reason you've frozen the view. Before anyone unfreezes the view, they'll see this message. 


Additionally, if a view is frozen, you can choose to duplicate the view instead of 

Learn more about freezing views


Sharing Docs

Share an entire doc from the view's menu:


This (and the individual page sharing menus) opens up the doc's sharing window. 

Toggle the Public link switch to create sharable links for this doc

  • Private link: Only ClickUp Workplace members will be able to visit

  • Public link: Details below the following image


Sharing a doc with Google:

  • Share Doc with Google: This allows docs to be indexed by Google and other search engines. Your doc may then be found by anyone with access to Google's search!

  • Only share with people you give the link to: By default, when this toggle is flipped on, only people with the unique link will be able to access the doc, but search engines won't see it.

Read more about Doc Views


Other Improvements

  • In Me Mode, creating tasks and subtasks will automatically assign them to yourself.

  • Sort by multiple properties in Board View.

  • List View now shows the heading area when sorting (List info, settings cog, grouping options, etc).

  • Task names in List View will always show even when it's required to scroll horizontally to see all of your columns.

  • Zoom out of PDFs to see the entire PDF without scrolling!

  • Sort by delegation date in Inbox's Delegated Reminders section.


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