2.0 Beta - Week 14 Updates

/Slash Commands V2

Work and format faster than ever before with the completely updated  /Slash Commands! 


What's Changed?



Add rich editing like bold fonts and checklists in a task description by clicking the /  symbol before adding text, typing / , or highlighting existing text in any text editor!

  • Normal text norm 

  • Heading 1 h1 

  • Heading 2 h2 

  • Heading 3 h3 

  • Checklist check 

  • Divider div 

  • Inline Code in 

  • Quote q 

  • Code block co

  • Link k 

  • Numeric list num 

  • Bulleted List bul

  • Bold bo 

  • Italic it 

  • Strikethrough st 

  • Red background r 

  • Green background g 

  • Yellow background y 



  • Embed em 

  • CloudApp cloudapp 

  • YouTube youtube 

  • Vimeo vimeo 

  • Figma figma 

  • Loom loom 


Task Actions:

  • Due date to "today" today 

  • Add to inbox inbox 

  • Time estimate est 

  • Start date sd 

  • Close task close 

  • Tags t 

  • Attachment attach 

  • Google Drive file gdrive 

  • Dropbox file dropbox 


Voice Assistance V2: Google and Alexa

  • Say "Inbox" to list all of your Inbox tasks and reminders

  • We removed friction with choosing Lists - now all of your tasks and reminders will be added directly to your Inbox

  • Say "The reminder is..." plus the name of the reminder or task 

Learn more about this integration here!


Copy Tasks to your Clipboard

Copy task details to your clipboard with the Multitask Toolbar to share with your team! Perfect for sharing with your team in tasks or external tools such like Slack! 


Use /Slash Commands in Bulk

Make even quicker changes through the Multitask Toolbar!


Other Updates and Improvements

New Create Button


Click the new +  button in the lower right corner to quick-create tasks (t), reminders (r), or Notepad entries!


New Hotkeys

  • Press r to create a new reminder

  • Press d to jump to Reporting


Docs & Conversations now easier to find in the Sidebar

Can't recall where that doc or conversation was located? All you need to know is the Space it lives in, and click one of these!


Preview Embeds in a larger modal


Make bulk changes to determine who can change Protected Views



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