2.0 Beta - Week 17 Updates


Tons of speed and responsiveness improvements. But we've got many more coming next week still! What we shipped today: 

  • Navigation is much quicker

  • Changing Spaces is much quicker

  • Lists are now cached for instant loading 

  • Task view opens 40% to 70% quicker 


  • Initial load time

  • List view scrolling/paging

  • Backend optimizations 


Other improvements

  • General Docs bug fixes & improvements

  • Multitask toolbar UI and UX improvements

  • Exporting list view:
    - Now you can choose which format you’d like for Time Estimates and Time Tracking
    1) Normal: Easily readable times like “2 hours” or “10 minutes”
    2) hh:mm: Use hours and minutes in a standard format like “4:30” to indicate 4 hours and 30 minutes



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