2.0 Beta - Week 4 Updates

Frozen views are now called Protected views

  • Instead of 'freezing' the view, anyone can now make temporary changes to protected views

  • Protecting a view prevents people from saving unwanted changes to the view, but still allows them to make temporary changes that are only visible on their end. 

  • We also updated some terminology, tooltips, and UX to hopefully improve clarity around saving and protecting views. 



  • TONS of bug fixes and optimizations 

  • Gantt View: Folders and Lists are now expanded by default

  • Embedding: Instead of instantly loading all embeds, we'll now preview them, to avoid causing performance issues.

  • Folders and Lists: Folder and List menus are now accessible in toolbar containing the Folder or List's views


Coming Next Week

  • Team admins will be able to enable or disable the ability to edit tags for guests


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