2.0 Beta - Week 5 Updates

Default View Settings

  • Do you want to use similar settings for all your views? Now, you can set default settings for all views in a Space. 

  • When any new views are created in the Space, they'll also inherit these settings.

  • Coming soon: View templates and the ability to set default templates for all of your views 


Inbox Settings

  • Show the Space, Folder, and List where a task lives in your Inbox!


Tags for Guests - Optional

  • By default, guests are not able to add/remove tags

  • Now, you can choose to give certain guests access to tags so they can add/remove tags on tasks they have access to. Note: When enabled, these guests will be able to see all available tags within the Space they have access to. 


Space Avatars

  • Make Spaces easier to identify

  • Add a color or custom avatar to your Space



  • Sidebar: Pin the sidebar open

  • Custom Fields: The currency field now defaults to your preferred currency

  • Default Views: By default, both List and Board views are selected as defaults

  • QuickSwitch: Find Inbox and Notifications pages in the QuickSwitcher

  • TONS of bug fixes & optimizations 


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