2.0 Beta - Week 7 Updates

Default Templates for Views

Do you want a similar layout/setup for all of your views? Now, you can set default layouts for views in a Space by choosing a template. When new views are created, they'll also use the template's layout by default.

  • Set default templates for each type of task view

  • Optionally override existing required views based on a newly set template
    - This means you're able to update multiple views at the same time based on a new template!


Move Views

Move a view from one location to another. When a view has been moved, the original goes away, and you'll be taken to the new location with your view selected. 


You're even able to drag and drop views to different locations!


Trash Can 2.0

  • Highly requested! Easily recover almost anything accidentally deleted in your Workplace from the new trash can
    - Spaces
    - Folders
    - Lists
    - Tasks
    - Conversations
    - Docs

  • See who deleted an item and when it was deleted

  • Restore or permanently delete any of these items



  • Copying a Page View now includes the content
    - This means if you create a Doc View and copy it, all pages and their content will be found in the copy. 

  • Search now available for Space avatar icons

  • Parent task names are now included for subtask rows with the List View CSV export

  • "No color" option for Space avatar

  • Tons of bug fixes and optimizations


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