Release 1.16

New Features

  1. Tags
    - Create custom labels to organize tasks.
    - Next week: Ability to filter by Tags in List view.

  2. Space Templates
    - Create templates for Spaces so you can easily reuse them.

  3. Copy Spaces
    - Copying Spaces is as easy as clicking a button. 

  4. Remap Due Dates (Templates)
    - When loading Templates, now you can automatically map Due Dates to new dates so you don't have to enter them manually. 


  1. Sidebar
    Now you'll only see assignees listed in the Sidebar that belong to the Space you're in. 

  2. Quick Create
    - New and improved user experience for quickly creating tasks

  3. Task View
    - Hover over times to see a full timestamp
    - Various improvements and optimizations 


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