2.0 Public Release

ClickUp 2.0 has arrived! 

Well, it's just called ClickUp, but everyone is now able to take full advantage of our exciting new updates.

If you've been a part of our beta, you'll want to skip ahead, but if you're switching over from ClickUp 1.0, here are the must-haves:

  • Inbox: Your mission control center for work in the past, present, and future. 

  • Profiles: See what others are focused on and what they've completed.

  • Reminders: Create simple reminders for yourself or others.

  • Views: View your tasks and resources from any perspective.

  • Docs: Create shareable docs, wikis, and knowledge-bases.

  • Conversations: Chat about anything, anywhere in ClickUp.

  • Embeds: Bring any app or website into your Workspace.

  • All-new Box View: Understand exactly how much everyone has on their plate and easily distribute tasks to each member of the Workspace.

  • Offline Mode: Work from anywhere! No internet required. 

  • New Custom Fields: Such as ratings, progress, and people.

  • Custom Exports: Export select tasks in the format of your choice to share them with others outside of ClickUp.

And here's what's new from this week's release!


Recurring Tasks V2

We completely revamped recurring tasks in ClickUp 2.0. 

Recurring tasks are now incredibly easy to set up and we've condensed tons of confusing options into a much cleaner interface.

To get started:

  1. Open up an existing task

  2. Click on the calendar (due date) icon

  3. Click "Recur" to set up your recurrence schedule


Start dates with Recurring tasks

Now, if you have Start Dates set with recurring tasks, your Start Dates will be automatically moved to ensure they are the same distance from the Due Dates.

For example:

  • Your task starts on Monday and is due on Wednesday (2 days in between) 

  • Recurring is set to every day

  • On the next recurrence, your due date is moved up one day, to Thursday.

  • Your start date would also be moved up one day, to ensure it's still 2 days before your Due Date, so the Start Date would be Tuesday now. 


Recurring Reminders

Set up reminders that repeat themselves on a schedule via recurring reminders! 

To get started:


Notifications for Reminders

Now you can add push notifications to your reminders to ensure you never lose track of time!

By default, Notifications will be sent to your mobile device as well as browser, but you can customize this in Notification Preferences.  


Partner Program


Referral Program: For sharing with friends, family, and anyone you know

When you share ClickUp with other people, you can earn ClickUp cash rewards! 

How you earn rewards:

  1. Copy the link from your Rewards page

  2. Send your link to friends, family, and anyone that you think could use ClickUp 

  3. Receive rewards when they sign up

Learn more about how it works here!


Affiliate Program: For sending your traffic to ClickUp 

How it works:

  1. Use your link to send people to ClickUp
    - Place it on your website 💻
    - Share it on social media 📢
    - Shoot an email to your subscribers 📬

  2. Track your link's performance

  3. Receive your commission

Join the program and learn the juicy details!


New Dashboard Updates

ClickUp 2.0 has introduced tons of new features, and while we want to make everything convenient, we have to avoid that overwhelming feeling you get using other tools in the productivity market.

That's why we created new, cleaner designs for you to choose from.



Use tons of brand new endpoints to instantly access your Workspace's data and build whatever your heart desires. Let your imagination run wild! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Read about every new endpoint in our API docs here!


Mobile V2 BETA

Our new mobile apps mirror what you'll experience in the 2.0 web app, making it easier than ever to stay productive wherever you go!


Chrome Extension: Guests 

Guests are able to take full advantage of the Chrome Extension


Rename Required Views


You're now able to adjust the names of your required views. Handy when you have multiple custom views. 


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