Release 1.17

List View Updates

The new and improved List view now allows you to filter, sort, search, and customize columns.

  1. Filter
    - Eliminate irrelevant tasks.
    - Filter by Assignee , Date created , Date updated , Due date , Priority , Status , Tag , and tasks with Assigned comments
    - Click on tags  to filter instantly by that tag

  2. Sort
    - View tasks in ascending or descending order with one click.
    - Sort by Due date , Priority , Updated date , Created dated , and Assignees
    - Plan your projects with sorting by Due Date

  3. Search
    - Added search to the List view
    - Include or exclude Subtasks: This feature allows you to also search subtasks. 

  4. Hide Columns
    - Remove unwanted columns in your Spaces. 

Board View Updates

  1. Filter
    - Filter by Assignee , Date created , Date updated , Due date , Priority , Tag , and tasks with Assigned comments
    - Coming Soon: Select which columns to hide/show

Task Mentions

Type # anywhere in ClickUp to mention a task or simply paste a task's URL to mention automatically. See all mentions for a task in one place.

  1. How to Mention
    - Paste task links or use the new selector to mention a task in another task's description or comments.
    - Type # to reveal the new selector and locate a task without leaving the window.

  2. Auto Unfurl
    - Tasks mentioned in comments or task descriptions provide much more utility.
    - See task status, title, and ID in a well defined element for quick action.

  3. Task Linking
    - When mentioning a task, a link is created in the current task and the task being linked to. You can see all Mentions for a task in the top right section of a task. 


Waiting on Toggl? So are we! Our team submitted our integration weeks ago but we're still waiting on Toggl to approve it. You can expedite this process by emailing them:

General Improvements

  1. Now all users can create spaces

  2. Expand-all in Box View
    - Quickly view all of the tasks in a box by clicking one button. 

  3. Log time quickly using your keyboard to type, tab, and submit. 

  4. Select from red, green, or yellow font background:



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