Release 1.15

  1. [New Feature] Templates
    - Project Templates
    - List Templates
    Save the tasks and/or structures you've created and easily reuse them throughout ClickUp. 

  2. [New] Import from JIRA
    Automatically import projects and tasks into ClickUp from JIRA. Say goodbye to 1999. 

  3. [New Feature] Harvest Sync
    Now you can sync time tracked between Harvest and ClickUp automatically.

  4. [Improvement] Trello Imports are now automatic

  5. [New] Task View
    - Move tasks between spaces
    - Change task position in lists directly inside the task view
    - Create a new task without closing the task view
    - Saved description indicator: Now you'll see when your changes are saved in real-time.

  6. [New] Add hyperlinks in comments and task descriptions 

  7. [New] Keyboard Shortcuts
    - Add hyperlinks in text with cmd+k (or ctrl+k )
    - Up-arrow from comment field to quickly edit your last comment
    - Edit assignees using your arrow keys and enter button

  8. [Improvement] Comments Editing: Now you can drag and drop files into comments when you're editing them  

  9. [Improvement] Attachment thumbnails: Now you'll see a beautifully redesigned gallery for all attachments in a task

  10. Various UX improvements and bug fixes


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