Release 1.14

It's gonna be big, it's gonna be huge! This week was just that. 

  1. [New Feature] Time Tracking: Now you can track time directly in ClickUp. 

  2. [New Integration] Harvest: Use Harvest to track time without ever leaving ClickUp. 

  3. [New Feature] ClickApps: Features in ClickUp are now called ClickApps. We created an awesome new page for you to manage all ClickApps for your Spaces. 

  4. [New Feature] Custom Statuses for Projects: Now, your Projects can have different custom statuses than Spaces! Each Project can have its own unique set of statuses. 

  5. [New Feature] Copy Projects and Lists: Quickly copy Projects and Lists to reuse them in other places within ClickUp.
    - Coming next week: Save templates for Projects, Lists, and Spaces. 

  6. [Improvement] Copying Tasks: Now you can customize exactly what items are copied when you copy tasks. 

  7. [Improvement] Text Editor
    - Ability to use `` to format text like Slack
    - Ability to use ** asterisks to format bold text
    - Ability to insert hyperlinks

  8. [New Integration] Trello Import: Now you can import Trello boards directly into ClickUp. 

  9. [Improvement] Creating tasks using 'Create another' and 'Duplicate'
    - Now you can breeze through creating bulk tasks by using cmd+enter to keep 'creating another' or keep 'duplicating' tasks. 

  10. [Improvement] When using 'quick create' on Board View, you can now quickly create tasks in bulk by pressing enter and continuing to type out your next task. 

  11. [Improvement] Board view drag and dropping as well as scrolling has been revamped. 


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