Release 1.18

New Features

  1. Start Dates
    - Specify when tasks should start! 

  2. Times (for Start and Due Dates)
    Provide granularity with exactly when a task should start and/or end

  3. Custom Date & Time Preferences
    We heard ya, international folks! ClickUp is now built to work with your time. Just go to your User Settings.
    Customize your Start of the week, Time format, and Date format

  4. List View column for Task ID
    - Show the Task ID column in List View
    - Click to copy the task ID (useful for Github workflow) 

  5. Ability to Archive (and Unarchive) Spaces
    - Archive to keep your ClickUp clean avoid permanently deleting sensitive information


  1. Tags in Templates
    - Include tags when creating and using Space templates 

  2. Various UI/UX improvements 


Broken record. We are STILL waiting on Toggl to release the ClickUp integration. It's done, it's been approved by their dev team, but has yet to be released. To expedite this, email them! 

Next Week

Speed, Speed, Speed! We've been working hard to optimize ClickUp and we're so excited to release a new and improved ClickUp, coming next week. 



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