Release 1.21

New Features: 

ClickUp API

Currently in BETA, this initial release allows you to: 

  • Get: tasks, users, teams, spaces, projects, and lists

  • Create: tasks and lists

  • Edit: tasks and lists

Full API documentation is available here. Send suggestions and feedback to 

Status Templates

Draft new tasks 

  • Minimize the Create Task window to save your work and resume creation anytime. 

Board View Syncing 

  • Tasks in Board view will now update instantly and automatically! No need to refresh. 


  • Perfected Board View drag and drop!

  • Now you can paste Subtasks in multiple lines and choose to create one task or multiple tasks

  • Support for Firefox Quantum 

  • Creating Subtasks is now super fast! 

  • Tags: are now organized in alphabetical order to ensure consistency  


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