Release 1.31


  • They're here! With dependencies, tasks you can make tasks either WAITING ON  or BLOCKING other tasks. 

  • You'll receive notifications when tasks are ready to be worked on. 

Screenshot showing dependencies in ClickUp.


  • You're going to LOVE this one! We're one step closer to bringing your entire productivity process into ClickUp. 

  • Now you can create and organize your own personal notes, directly inside of ClickUp. 

Screenshot of the ClickUp notepad.

Spaces Navigation Redesign

  • Spaces are now found in the menu bar at all times in ClickUp for easy access. 



[NEW] Description indicator for when tasks have content in their descriptions in List and Board View 

  • OH and did we mention... the icon GROWS when you have more content, so you can tell how much content is in the task simply by looking at the icon. 


[NEW] Checklist icons will now show when you have checklist items assigned to yourself. 


[NEW] In Me view, you can now filter and find tasks that have checklist items assigned to you.
[NEW] Save List details, colors, and attachments in List templates

[NEW] Filter to show recurring tasks in List/Board view


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