Release 1.32

Cloud Storage: Dropbox & Google Drive

  • Connect Google Drive and Dropbox to your ClickUp account to quickly attach files and even create new Google Docs from within ClickUp!
    - Google Drive
    - Dropbox


CSV Export

  • Extract your team's data in a comma separated value (CSV) file so you can use your data in countless ways!

  • ID, Title, Description, Status, Date created, Due date, Parent ID (for subtasks), Attachments, Assignees, Tags
    - Coming soon: comments



  • Saving a filter now lets you also save sorting
    - Come right back to what's most important, sorted to your liking!

  • Cumulative Time Logged and Time Estimates in List Details
    - Total time estimated and logged for a List's contents will be shown in Spaces that have this ClickApp enabled.



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