Release 1.33


Reporting has arrived!  


Incomplete Warning [ClickApp]

Another way to prevent things slipping through the cracks! 

  • When closing a task with open subtasks, checklist items, or assigned comments, ClickUp will prompt you with a warning asking "Are you sure about this?"

  • If it's annoying to you, no worries! Just turn it off, it's a ClickApp! 



Minimized task 

  • Indicator with a shortcut to remove the task from your tray



  • Grouped checklist notifications

  • Indent checklist items with Tab 

  • Improved drag & drop experience 

  • Assign all to... checklist items option to quickly assign all checklist items 


Copy & Pasting in ClickUp 

  • Major improvements to coping and pasting that reduce strange behavior such as extra lines being added. 


Recurring Tasks Behavior 

  • The skip missed recurrences advanced option now always retains the original  schedule and  tasks will not recur until the next scheduled date in the future (before, tasks could recur immediately)


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