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Dark Mode

Yeah, you heard us. Turn to the dark side and enhance working in certain lighting conditions!


Embed Videos and Figma Prototypes in Comments and Descriptions

ClickUp knows when you add a link from trusted platforms. We'll automatically prompt you to embed the video so you can preview without leaving your task! 

How it works:

  1. Paste a URL

  2. We'll prompt you with a tooltip: Embed?  

  3. Click that, and you'll see some embedding magic!


Supported platforms (5/15/2018): 

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Vine

  • VideoPress

  • Figma


Ability to Unarchive Projects and Lists

Restore your Projects and Lists from the ClickUp Sidebar

Archiving a Project or List removes it from view, but does not delete any tasks that are contained within. You will still be able to search for archived tasks and show hidden Projects and Lists in the sidebar.



Set hours per day for Time Estimates

Previously, adding a time estimate for "1 day" didn't make much sense as we were counting this as 24 hours. 

Now, ClickUp defaults to 8 hours in a day and lets admins adjust as you see fit!


Revamped Settings Menu

Take action from anywhere in ClickUp with the new dropdown. Change teams, adjust settings, and quickly flip the toggle for dark mode.


Start Dates

Setting Start Dates is now more intuitive. If you explicitly click a Start Date, we'll default your cursor to that field so you can start typing immediately. 

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