Release 1.35

Natural Language for Dates and Times

Now you can crank out those Dates and Times by simply typing anything that feels natural to you! Try things like: 

  • Tomorrow, Today, Fri, Tod

  • 1 day, 1d 

  • Next Tues

  • Fri 3pm, Fri @ 3pm

  • 1 month, 1mo


Timezone Settings

Traveling? Wish your recurring tasks lined up with a remote team? 

Now you can manually set your personal time zone within the profile settings page!


Rich Text in Comments (Code Syntax, Block quotes) 

Syntax highlighting and quotes are now supported in the comment editor! Just type ``` + space

Type >  for block quotes.


Task Tray: Drag & Drop Tasks

Organize the tasks in your tray by dragging and dropping with the new task handle.


Everhour Integration

Everhour is the fastest growing time tracking app in the market. Connect Everhour with ClickUp to track, edit, and estimate time in your tasks. 

Their dashboard provides insight into project budget and extremely flexible reporting.

Everhour even offers a live view that let's you see where time is being tracked by your team in the moment. 



Task Mentions

  • More stable task mentions in comments. You should no longer experience your mouse jumping to unexpected areas when mentioning a task.


Shortcut for opening Subtask after Creating

  • Use Cmd + enter  (Mac) or Ctrl + enter  (Windows)  to save and open a subtask from Task View.


Recurring Tasks

  • When changes are made to a recurring task's settings, see those changes in the activity logs.

  • More detailed information about recurring task activity (recurrence triggers, new tasks, and due date changes) are now logged in the task as well.



  • Save time and assign checklist items more quickly by typing @ 



  • Evernote links now work without issue! Be free to link notes in ClickUp!



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